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Wednesday, 05 December 2007 11:32

Cadre Consultants Hostile Environments Risk Awareness Training (HERAT) course is designed specifically for companies and individuals that operate world wide, particularly in areas where there may be concerns for personal health or safety. The aim of our courses is prepare your workforce for the worst possible scenarios to gain knowledge and capability to react with confidence in challenging and threatening situations.

Our Hostile Environments courses draw on up-to-date intelligence analysis and our understanding of current threats and risks you might face when travelling or working in hostile environments.

The five-day course addresses a range of threats to health and safety, from such factors as diseases, health and hygiene, proliferation of weapons, known use of land mines, etc. Cadre Consultants has developed a range of training modules that convey a greater awareness of risks to safety and security.

Wherever in the world your staffs are required to live or work, as an employer, you have a duty of care to ensure they are fully prepared for the unique challenges they are likely to face. Cadre Consultants runs fully tailored training courses designed to help personnel prepare for and militate against the risks and challenges inherent in operating in hostile environments

Cadre also takes into consideration and address gender occupational health and safety whilst working in hostile regions. We have specific modules that directly counteract the adversity encountered in these conditions.

Course Contents:

Training will be fully tailored to your individual or corporate requirements and the types of challenges your employees are likely to face (e.g. Personal Security, Operational planning, how to react to a Hostage Taking, some golden rules on Health and Hygiene and remote area Emergency Care in hostile environments).

Coping with Attack, First Aid & Surveillance Awareness.

Course location can be optional to UK and Global. Duration will be five days and a three-day refresher course. The clients' requirements are always met to focusing on developing strategies to mitigate risk and gain confidence.

Cadre Consultants supply security in the field as well as training and make sure that they glean insight and knowledge on hot-spot conditions and threats from their field security operatives.

Realistic, challenging scenarios designed to demonstrate practical responses to a variety of situations and increase participants' confidence all scenarios are videoed for accurate de briefing.

Instructors are selected for their specific knowledge and expertise.

Interactive training through a combination of lectures, role plays, discussion exercises, outdoor exercises and video feedback.

Course Duration:


Assessment & Certification

A (HERAT) certificate is retained for 3 years after completion of the course.


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