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Wednesday, 13 August 2008 18:43

The Business Traveller arriving in an unfamiliar country or region can be un-nerving. A number of recent incidents have highlighted some duty of care issues that employers need to consider before sending their employees on business travel.

Know your destination

Cadre offers destination analyses to companies that consider deploying resources to a given country or area.

Destination analyses are custom-made to the client's business purposes and include country evaluations, political risk analysis and examinations of various topics deemed critical to successful business operations.



Know the risks before going abroad
Travelling to high-risk countries or regions exposes employees to hazards. It is imperative to gain prior knowledge of the risks and dangers associated with a specific country or culture. Likewise, it is important to know how best to prevent such hazards from becoming an actual occurrence for employees. Cadre can provide individual training and security courses for expatriate staff and their families, or supply a security manual of particular relevance for employees in their first overseas posting.

Protect your overseas subsidiary

Cadre can also be of assistance by installing security systems or arranging for physical protection of a company's overseas branches. Moreover, we can deliver a complete disaster, evacuation, and contingency plan ready for implementation in the event of any crisis, natural catastrophe, act of war, terrorist threat or similarly serious event.

Conducting general awareness travel security training via e-learning offers a number of benefits:

  • Employees can complete the training from their desk when it is convenient to them, without having to travel.
  • Negligible incremental cost for training new employees.
  • Rapid rollout and immediately available for all new staff.
  • Fewer organisation and administration requirements.
  • Incorporates a Learning Management System creating a clear training audit trail.

Course Contents:

  • Destination Risk Assessment.
  • Airport Procedures.
  • Personnel Security Procedures.
  • Surveillance Awareness.
  • Local Travel Safety Awareness.
  • Information Security.
  • Hotel / Accommodation Security.
  • Travel Medicine Management.

Course Duration

Cadre has developed a travel security 1 -2 or 3-day course, depending on your requirements that are specifically designed to equip business travellers with the knowledge, skills and confidence to safely.

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