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Tuesday, 29 January 2013 21:24

Cadre Consultants Pte Ltd has grown into a premier international specialist risk management service and training company, providing an integrated, bespoke safety and security products and services to professionals from businesses, aid, government agencies and the media.

Cadre has a vast variety of training programmes and has become the benchmark for many industries.

As a result, Cadre Consultants new innovative Crisis Response System has become an invaluable risk management system to prepare and secure our clients interests across the world.

Cadre Crisis Response System enables organisations to effectively operate in risk areas of the world with complete peace of mind and to have continuity in their security and training consultants, which we have found builds relationship, confidence and trust in the clients operational personnel whilst working in Hostile Environments.

Cadre is also an accredited PHTLS, HSE and ED Excel learning training company, and uses the BTEC advance training and presenting techniques and guidelines.

Cadre’s diligence to maintain high standards, have obtained the right foundations to work in different countries. We are under the umbrella of NCAGE and Digital Numbering System DUNS

In addition to our training wing, Cadre’s operational worldwide experience provides us with up-to date intelligence from the regions so we can keep our courses and Media consultants evolving to the risks and threats for the specific areas.

Through previous experience especially during the current troubles in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and other troubled zones of the world. Cadre has provided with success detailed requirements and learning outcomes personnel are specifically selected to work within a journalist environment who will equip employees and associated personnel with the skills and knowledge in hostile environments safety and security awareness with medical care suited to their operational environment

Cadre has already an extensive Media clientele base and NGOs for operational security and safety training, which include Fox News, RTÉDocumentary Section, Al Jazeera Arabic, Save the Children and the International Federation of Journalists.


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