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Tuesday, 12 February 2013 09:02

The operations of many organisations  around the globe, which are operating in challenging environments, is changing at its fastest pace for decades. The levels of danger that we expose ourselves  to have become an operational requirement for organisations.

As a result, Cadre Consultants new innovative ICE Crisis Response System has become an invaluable risk management system to prepare and secure our clients interests across the world.

Cadre ICE System enables organisations to effectively operate in risk areas of the world with complete peace of mind. Our 10 tier Crisis Response System includes:

• 24 hour response and tracking service

• Emergency and contingency planning

• Pre-deployment training

• Security management

• Medical and travel health support

• Crisis management

• Hostile environment insurance services

• Medical evacuation and repatriation services

• Hostage and kidnap management

• Analytical intelligence services

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